To create different ideas that deliver tangible results for our clients and help them build and sustain their brand in the most competitive markets.

To touch, inspire and influence; through our ideas, pixel by pixel, experience by experience and along the way, be creative partners of trust.

It›s a simple theory. Our clients won›t be happy if their customers aren›t. BeDifferent is designed to be different. We›re about your sales, your profitability, your brand and your reputation. The results we get are an offshoot of staying true to a set of values.

• Innovation and Creativity
• Integrity and Transparency
• Ethical Marketing Values
• Quality and Reliability
• Building and Sustaining Trust

What we do is common. How we do it, is not. Our client-focus approach lets us get under the skin of the brief and challenge the norm through energy and creative intelligence. Our approach is driven by strategic insights, result-driven thinking, and by seeking out the spark that inspires and engages our clients› customers, wherever they may be.


From simple logo designs to digital campaigns, everything is done to a plan. This might sound strange coming from people who dare to be different. But this is not to say that we are submissive to procedure; quite the opposite. A good process is one that is adaptable, which is what we are. Here's a quick glance at how we work.


• Establishing and clarifying clients› needs
• Analysing markets and tracking competitors
• Defining the appropriate marketing mix
• Conducting detailed financial analysis
• Reviewing and revising marketing activities
• Seeking client approval before execution
• Applying quality checks at every stage of the process
• Ensuring all deliverables conform to the written contract
• Identifying client›s needs through consultation with stakeholders